It is often a question of creating a dialogue between past and present, to pay homage to a monument, its history, its environment, its singularities ... or to highlight a company, a project, an innovation, through its a source of inspiration.

The expression of all our know-how.


Our personal projects are often part of this process, we have worked on such projects as assigned in São Paulo, for the development of a real estate district, or at Stéria, which has built the first positive energy building in Paris, by Bouygues Immobilier. Although this field of research and expression has justified many other travels and residencies. This approach led us to 5000m above sea level, on the astronomical observation site of ALMA (The Atacama Large Millimetre / Submillimetre Array),

in Chile, or in a camp of deportation under Pinochet (1974) and furthermore brought us to wonderful encounters: in Bolivia, Indonesia, China, Norway, Greece, Portugal, Spain ... and of course France. We have been fortunate enough to be able to express ourselves in many UNESCO World Heritage sites. These enriching experiences were great moments of creation. Please visit our artistic showcase to discover some of these projects :

Heritage enhancement light painting
light painting Heritage enhancement
heritage enhancement light painting - lightgraff
patrimoine light painting