Unite your audience through Photographs.

Light painting collectif

A collective, unique and luminous work.


Light painting collective, created and broadcasted live during your event, with your guests.

Lightgraff gestural participation creates a strong moment. In just a few minutes, our performance, entirely led by our team, brings your guests together thanks to Light, this symbol of innovation, growth, and knowledge. This performance, usually performed as an opening or closing plenary, allows your guests to become actors and artists of an illuminated work, each of whom drawing with light.

Among this luminous collective gesture, graphic design is added, made by us live (in the upper part of the image), which can integrate your slogan, logo, graphics, and colours. The final image, broadcasted live, is accompanied by a tune to enhance its visual impact.
We can film our intervention, combining images of our scenic performance with those of your guests. This film can be mounted on site, for a faster broadcast.