Your guests are at the centre of our creations.


The Lightgraff Studio allows us to create images, with your guests, while your events are taking place


This artistic photography based entertainment takes the form of a Photocall, where your guests are placed at the centre of our creations.

We dress them with lights : each portrait is unique, and each creation becomes singular.

Our lights can be inspired by your brand’s identity. In any case, we will make it fun and communicative.

Our studio is fully equipped. Its modular size makes it possible to integrate it with numerous establishments, with discretion, and to intervene in an "all included" formula.

These images are broadcasted directly onto a screen (in and/or outside the studio). They can then be printed, shared on social networks, or sent by email, thus extending the Lightgraff Studio experience.

prestations light painting
light painting prestations photocall
Light painting studio Lightgraff
lightgraff studio light painting
studio lightpainting, photocall
prestataire light painting, photocall light painting